We are a digital design agency with a strategic approach


We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work.


We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work.


We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work.


The Challenge

Increase eCommerce sales. Build a digital user experience to match their grass roots, family atmosphere. Finally, streamline the order process for both the end user and the shop team.

The Outcome

A new website and a more efficient eCommerce platform that solves the user experience, inventory, and sales conversions issues they were having on their old platform.

The Scope

Web Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing

Rippin' Lips and Blastin' Nips

The Ashland Fly Shop is a group of extremely talented folks who swing flies, focus on tight lines and rippin lips.

Much like Fly Fishing, using outdated gear can be a serious pain in the ass. We need to not only redesign their website but we needed to move them to a platform that would help streamline the influx of orders they would receive.

Utilizing Shopify, we built a super efficient machine that captures The Ashland Fly Shop’s brand. The end result is a clean website that allows each user to navigate directly to the specific product they are looking for.

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The Beginning

The Ashland Fly Shop has always been an ambitious group of people. After years of operating predominantly out of their shop, Owners Will and Aura Johnson decided to dabble in the eCommerce game. They enlisted a local company to build them an online store, but what they didn’t know was just how difficult it would be to grow online sales.

Insert, The Full Mooney 😎


This was an easy choice…Shopify. No other platform allows you to build your business and deliver the best possible customer experience. It’s hands down the best eCommerce platform for small businesses.

After carefully looking at The Ashland Fly Shop’s current website traffic and how they process orders, it was determined that Shopify was going to be the best solution. So we went to work, migrating all 500 products and 50 static pages over to the new platform.

The Redesign

For this project, The Full Mooney was leading design. The most important part of this redesign for us was organizing the information in a manner that would allow users to find the products that they are looking for.

Using modern web design and photography, the website aesthetic has been greatly improved. Providing multiple navigation areas allows users on any device to find exactly what they are looking for.

The Outcome

Since the launch of the new website, The Ashland Fly Shop has seen impressive results. Their user base grew 2x, their bounce rate dropped by 17%, and their eCommerce revenue grew by 1500%. Simply changing the way people interact with their website and allowing them to have a positive checkout experience, The Ashland Fly Shop has significantly increased their revenue and happiness.

The Ashland Fly Shop website was in need of a refresh, while still maintaining their grass roots and family traditions.