Who the F is Kevin Mooney

When I turned 7 my mother hired a rodeo clown for my birthday party. He showed up drunk and collapsed on my Superman cake, ruining my perfect day. Thick icing tainted with red dye 40 flew in every direction and my little sister was nearly blinded by a hunk of decorative kryptonite.

After an emotionally charged afternoon spent weeping in my treehouse, I vowed to overcome the sadness and make melons out of lemons. This is the day I became creative.

Creative design became my calling, and ever since then, my website game has been strong. Every new site I design is another opportunity to turn a sad, empty, digital space into a jubilant and thriving website for another lucky business. No clowns, no tears, no blindness…just website badassery and smiles.

Led by me, Kevin Mooney, my merry band of bearded misfits can transform your website and make it sing! We can also make it dance, walk the dog, and change your aunt Tilde’s diapers. Or, we can simply launch a well thought out and beautiful website that makes you and your business look awesome.


I am Kevin Mooney. I’m a Web designer and developer, search engine optimizer, eCommerce guru and marketer for people who hate doing all those things. We all know firsthand how stressful marketing yourself and your business can be. My superpower is exactly that! Also doing kick ass BBQ.

I grew up in Northern California in the typical White suburban lifestyle #Snore #Boring. I moved to Oregon to escape the unoriginal and ordinary Placer County life. I quickly found myself doing the ordinary once again. Work at a company who doesn’t know I work there, go to College, graduate, get a new job where the company doesn’t know I work there blah blah blah. It wasn’t until my lucky break! I was fired from my sweet 10/hr eCommerce CSR position. During my furlough from said company, I thought to myself, “I can do this. All of this. Just do it yourself.”

So I did. I learned the language of HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Shopify…the list goes on. I did this so I could start my own business and it morphed into setting up others for success. After owning a successful eCommerce company, I am able to pass this information on to startups, help grow their businesses and provide the tools necessary to make the company independent.